Blog Addresses and other links

Post your website addresses or other special links here.



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  1. Ross Says:

    Message wall that Squeeky Fromm set up:

  2. Ross Says:

    A forum Squeeky set up.

  3. Ross Says:

    82’s blog

  4. Ross Says:

    Jonasnz1 has a alternative forum set up here:

  5. JEANNIE Says:

    Yes .. I did sleep late … 9am !! whow ! Think it*s is the cold weather. Daughter is off from teaching this weekend , so we will be ** cleaning house ** .. oh fun !! We are going to lunch at our favorite Chineese Buffett $6 each . YEY !! It is 2 miles down the street. Cool ! Must get busy now. I*ve a refrig. waiting for :|:/ me to >>>>>>>> >> >** c l e a n ** it ! Have a good weekend all. it is a bit watmer today 55 + mid day . Rest of 5 days will be high 40/45 !

  6. Ross Says:

    The open topic is next door 🙂
    This one is for links..

  7. Ross Says:

    Smilies that work here:

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