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Joining, purpose and Rules.


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  1. ADMIN Says:

    Try to pick a unique name to avoid possible duplication.

    Email address is required but may be a “throw away” or fake.

    Your first comment will need to be approved before your comments will appear on the forum. This and the email address you enter is how name jacking is prevented here. Your first comment will be approved in less than 24 hours in most cases.

    If you enter an already used name Admin may assign a number to your name choice [like Joe8] names may be changed by contacting Admin.

    Admin and Moderators will NOT be available at all times, but all requests will be answered as soon as possible.

    Every attempt to protect personal information is being made here, and no information will given to ANYONE. Only your internet service provider address and the email address you enter will be visible to Admin or any Moderator. Use of a “throw away” email address is encouraged to protect your privacy. The IP Address Admin will see cannot be used to Identify the user, only the Internet provider you use.

    We will not be forwarding or facilitating email address exchanges between Members at this time.


    Any topic any time on the open threads. Admin may post general topic threads and asks that you please generally stay on topic. We are sorry that it is not possible to allow Member created topics/threads at this time.


    You are allowed to post any comment you wish and there are no filters or restrictions on content EXCEPT Admin reserves the Right to delete Racist, Harassing, insulting or Threatening comments, and may block offenders.

    Due to time constraints issues may take 24 hours or even more to be addressed, but all issues or requests WILL be answered ASAP.


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