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  1. Ross Says:

    Mom is great !! She did a diet with me and lost 20 lbs.. She gave up her walker and uses her electric scooter a lot less.

  2. Ross Says:

    I’m doing good.. I’m holding at 225 and am planning to get down to 185 after new years..

  3. alikat Says:

    Whoever said we can’t multi-task…LOL So nice to see you all in one spot!!

    Ross how’s your mom and do you hear from Morty?

  4. Ross Says:

    I just posted about Mom.. 🙂
    Morty… well that visit didn’t go well.. misunderstandings on both sides.. and they are the kind of folks that just dont discuss it… I tried to clear the air and apparently upset Gus..
    They had just moved and had tons of company coming… We were left on our own and really were not even included in anything.. We were there about a week and only Morty talked to mom and that was the first day for 20 minutes…
    I’m sure there is another side to the story, but I emailed her when i got home and she has never emailed me since our trip…
    She seemed to take it badly that Mom has a strict diet and could not eat what she made.. I think she felt Mom could have ate what she made.. Actually she couldnt..
    They never even introduced us to their other guests or Friends..

  5. Ross Says:

    Is this refreshing slow for anyone?

  6. alikat Says:

    Ross I’m so sorry. Try to let it go, hopefully Morty’s working on it also. My God as a species we have so much work to do!!

    I did read that you and your mom have lost weight and shes walking on her own…that’s great!

  7. Ross Says:

    Yes Alikat 🙂 I’m sure I didnt help the situation much… I took offense at some things I should have ignored..
    I decided to just leave it alone.. I wont force my Friendship on anyone..

  8. Ross Says:

    Mom has only had one minor thing this year.. no illness.. not even a cold.. 🙂
    My joint inflammation problem has almost gone away… i think it was related to high insulin levels in my blood, but the diet fixed that.. 🙂

  9. alikat Says:

    Ross did you hear about the Tornado in Oregon? My SIL, nephew and Ancestry cousin live there though I think it was in Western OR.

  10. Ross Says:

    No!! Wow they are unusual out here…

    I started a new open thread.. it should be the top post on the front page..

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