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Pound them keys!!

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  1. Ross Says:

    OK JS”n,
    I have been going to bed earlier but check the blog at 6-7 pm my time..
    8-9 pm Central.. [9-10 blog time]
    I’m up later than normal tonight..

    But tell me what time you will likely check in … my schedule is not set in stone..

  2. Ross Says:

    I’ll tell Mom howdy for you.. and it is great chatting with you.. 🙂

  3. just sayn Says:

    It will be around 8 pm central if I can maybe later.

  4. Just Sayn Says:

    k thx greatchatting with you as well.take care

  5. Ross Says:

    Good night… you keep well and safe..

  6. Just Sayn Says:

    goodnight Ross

  7. Ross Says:



  8. JEANNIE Says:

    Jami bought a NEW CAMERA with her Christmas $$ … so when I learn to use it I can start taking & down loading pictures . I need & want to start selling on Creg*s List. Busy now. Jeannie We are going to go look at the Christmas lights tonight , before everyone starts taking them down ! 🙂 😀

  9. JEANNIE Says:

    So , just checking in to see if anyone is here. This Dec went by too fast for me. I have a busy Jan. as well. 2 Dr apts. & a 3 day stay in Hosp. to monitor me when they put me on new heart med. I have been ok , just seems there was a lot to do in Dec. The yard man came here today & mowed the front lawn . There were about 3,218 leaves laying on the front lawn. The lawn bag picks all that up when he mows. It just makes the front lawn look better. Tomorrow, Wed. my daughter & he will work 2 hrs. in the back raking & burning leaves. There are MORE in the back than were in the front. Daughter does not go back to teaching school till mon. She really has enjoyed this time off. She NEEDED it ! :/ We went to target last evening . One of her students gave her a $10 gift card for there. Hum ??? We spent $106 . Ya. hum ??? We were good thought & did not buy much after christmas stuff !!! We did get some of the Christmas carmel corn … jams…. hot coco .. etc pks. YEY ! I usually print the coupons …. But Jami had time off & (( oh no )) she descovered my 3 coupons sites. That gal CAN really print those coupons. ** only ** on stuff we actually reg buy … but she surely had fun. We saved $40 on coupons & $10 gift card & still spent $106. ( 80% ) of what we bought was also on sale ! HUMMMMMMM ???? Well guess we are set on glade sents for the house for 3 months. ** ha ha ** = coupons & were on sale.. we matched up clearences & our many coupons , so to get a double savings & pay about what something is actually worth. It was a fun time out , 2 1/2 hrs….= I road in the ** motar chair ** beeeeeeeeeeping my horn on chair whenever possible. Almost time to go check out all those lights !!! Have a great week all !! Jeannie 🙂

  10. Ross Says:

    Sounds like you are having fun Jeannie!!

  11. Ross Says:


  12. just sayn Says:

    Just popping in. Think I’m going to bed. My right side is hurting so I’m taking a sleeping pill and hopefully going to sleep. Have a good rest of the night.:)

  13. Ross Says:

    I fell asleep at my keyboard… just like old times… 🙂


  14. Par72 Says:

    Don’t pay any attention to me. I am just sitting here contemplating and typing what I am thinking.
    I don’t have any control. I only have one vote.
    Why should I worry for the good of millions when I only have one vote?
    My taxes are very minimal compared to taxes collected from everyone.
    Am I a part of society, and can I speak for millions?
    Can I make a difference?
    Yes, it takes one and one and one and a bunch of ones to make a million.
    Should I worry if I my vote looses?
    No, I gave all I had. One vote.

    Sorry I was making a new thread and closed this one.. Yes we each have just one Vote … out of Millions.. our one makes so little difference..’
    But all our ones cannot be beaten and are the ultimate Political Power if we Citizens will it to be that way… and then our Vote can make ALL the difference.

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