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  1. janet in va Says:

    Ross,, I have said that if they told me to stay inside that the air was contaminated,, I would run outside and jump in my car and get out of dodge… I do not trust anything they say….they want to take over America and give to our enemies…that is why Old freak face is stopping all ways of making energy for Us and want them to have it.. I hope I am wrong.. but seems we are becoming more and more dependent on our enemies than ever before.

  2. MaryRI Says:

    missed alot….what is hppening…gov. camp.

    had a phone call……now we come into the anniversay of the ‘West Warwick Station Fire:…..friends daughter died…….everyone sued everyone….and it, to me, was a terrible ACCIDENT….

  3. janet in va Says:

    you didn’t bug me.. just made a statement..It is just a half inch shorter…

  4. MaryRI Says:


  5. janet in va Says:

    I was wondering where you were.. Mary… just is getting something to eat.. Ross is still here..

  6. janet in va Says:

    Mary,, I was saying that I read where they were making camps with the lie that it would be for our protection if something happened… and I wouldn’t believe it…….I would rather take my chances..

  7. janet in va Says:

    Ross left us too..

  8. MaryRI Says:

    thanks Janet for the up date.

  9. MaryRI Says:

    oh crap…friend just showed up here….night

  10. janet in va Says:

    have a blessed night ..

  11. Ross Says:

    I’m back .. 🙂

  12. just sayn Says:

    Can’t sleep again. Ugh I hate this.

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