Tips for living “on the cheap”



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  1. Ross Says:

    Here’s some tips for living as cheap as possible but still live in a house and have transportation..

    Set the thermostat at 55 degrees and wear heavy coats and long underwear in the house.. watch caps help you stay warmer and wrap up in a blanket while watching TV or working at the computer..

    Buy only “last owner cars” these are cars that when they finally give out are not worth selling to anyone..
    Use only the cheapest oil.. paraffin based oil is probably the cheapest. Never top off the oil.. let it run at 1-2 quarts low and only put in enough to shut off the low oil light.. it will use less… get your tires from the discarded tire pile… you can always get another 1000 miles on most tires.. run on the bottom quarter tank of fuel.. why waste fuel carting 20 gallons around? and when it dies you wont lose as much fuel.. carry a 2 gallon can of gas for when you run out… never put any in until you do..
    Carry the Title in the car.. when you abandon it the tow company will find the signed off title and you can beat the impound and tow fee by just letting it go to auction…
    Repairs.. only fix what you need to get it moving… never spend more than another last owner car will cost and be aware of those that are for sale at all times.. repair costs $150? Junker that runs costs $100? abandon your old one and buy the $100 car…
    Better yet.. do a swap and $50 for it…
    Fix broken taillight lenses by using red emergency repair tape.. wash the car regularly.. it will look nice enough to avoid those Police stops for inspection…
    Breaks getting bad? over-tighten the wheel bearings.. you can almost run with no brakes at under 35 mph….
    Use you imagination.. I have chained in power steering pumps that had broken mounts, wired down broken engine mounts, ran with out an alternator by always plugging in the charger at home and never going anywhere after dark.. leave it running.. if someone steals it buy another.. Wipers don’t work.. stay home on rainy days.

    Repair exhaust pipe leaks with tin cans and hose clamps.. it will last about 1-2 months..
    Duct tape, wire clothes hangers, JB weld are your best repair items.. I used JB weld [a fast setting plastic] to patch the pinholes in a gas tank.. seal head cracks and other leaks..
    Radiator stop leak is Great!@!!

    Get broad form insurance.. It insures you with the State minimum liability and covers all owned or non owned vehicles under 1 ton.. I pay $148 every six months to a little outfit in Wisconsin…

    House repairs.. A roll of tar paper, a roll of composite roofing and black plasticized seal can fix that leaky roof… 6 mil plastic sheet is great for sealing windows that are broken.. and put it on all of them in the winter.. old blankets.. war surplus army ones are great for curtains, and covering doorways from your “warm room”.. [the one with the TV and computer..] they also make great carpets.. and furniture covers and can double as bedding for overnight guests…
    Old towels are great for blocking that cold air coming in under the door.. and make great seat covers or throws..

    Use those tuna cans as ashtrays, pint jars for drinking glasses and plastic containers like the ones cottage cheese comes in for soup or mixing bowls..

    Furniture.. concrete blocks and a piece of plywood can be used for end tables, shelves, TV stands etc… I even used that for a couch.. I stole the cushions off a junk couch for covering the plywood…

    Never buy any food except basics.. if ya dont like to cook go visit yer Mom every couple days.. better yet make friends with people that always invite you over for dinner.. my Bro did that and also would stay over night.. he could go from friend to friend hitting each once a week.. didnt even have his own place and never bought food… he was spending less than $50 a week.. mostly on gasoline and cigs.. while making $14 an hour at work.. thats why he has a 5 figure savings account and 7 friends…

    No need to mow the lawn.. it dies off in the winter anyways..

    You only need 4 cleansers… dish soap [doubles as car wash, soft soap and can be used in the laundry] pine sol for the bathroom.. windex for counters, tables and appliances.. windows HA!!.. TV and computer screens.. and swifters for the floors..

    Thrift shops are great places to get house hold and kitchen items… at about 5-10% of the new price… less on sale days..

    You dont need a home phone or cable TV… Use your buddies as a message phone… and while getting your messages watch some Cable.. heck he may even offer you a beer..

    Going out… Never admit to having ANY cash.. often kind hearted friends will pick up the check just to have you along… and it gives them a chance to feel good about helping you out.. My bro saved up $1000 for a motorcycle by the time he was 17 by using this method.. “I’m cant go.. I’m saving for a motorcycle”.. It worked.. he always got to go out and never owed anyone because ” they offered to do it”..
    Thats how he never had to repay ANY favors.. he never asked for help.. just appeared and looked like he really needed it.. “but you offered, I never asked.. so I dont owe you”…

    Oh he still has that $1000 in his savings 30 years later.. he was bragging about it the when i treated him to dinner out last week.. [no money for going out, he’s saving to buy a place.. getting tired of always sleeping at a different house every night]

    You dont need tools if you have a friend [or brother] who will loan you his…

    BTW he quit buying cigs.. they got too expensive.. he may quit smoking eventually he says.. He likes my brand a lot… he always says that.. He never asks for one so he doesnt owe me any… I ran out the last time he was here yesterday.. he offered to run me to the store so I could get some if I could give him some gas money…

    And so it goes….

  2. Jo in Georgia Says:

    I don’t call this living…..LOL
    Just existing

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