Last Chance Saloon

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  1. alikat Says:

    Janet she likes Kobe beef from Japan. Maybe those steers don’t pollute or maybe they pollute elsewhere…LOL

  2. MaryRI Says:

    o…did his best to bring down toyota…..but they survived….and as far as the oil spill…………sabotage……..

    Mr. B….when you get back, or tomorrow, can you find out EVERYTHING that has happened since January 2009…under this so called “watch”….just to much has happened…when things were quiet for 8 years other than n.y……..

    I’m leaving to deal with a tooth(teeth) problem……have a great night……..

  3. MaryRI Says:

    Janet………Witch Hazel………love it…….

  4. janet in va Says:

    Ali.. when you eat out you pay outragious prices and also have to pay a lot for food tax… We stopped eating out a long time ago.. remember when I said I was going to slow up and do everthing I could to keep from paying tax..well I did.. I go to cheapest stores to buy things and don’t get anything I don’t need. and it makes me feel go to know I am probably saving double or tripple of what i spent before he raised tax on my cig.. and I still smoke… and enjoy…

  5. janet in va Says:

    Mary,, I know you might be gone.. but I will never stop believing that those pictures of the Oil pouring out was just made up thing. and also was given to Fox without their knowledge that it was a fake…and I buy my Gas at BP

  6. alikat Says:

    Janet, I prefer to eat at home too for the most part. NH has no State Tax but but they’re very proud of their property!!!

    I read today on Fox Nation that Mobeast said POS quit smoking a year ago!! I don’t believe it one bit.

    A good president would set a good example for us ‘the people’

  7. janet in va Says:

    Ali… are you dreaming that thug doesn’t have a clue of having class.. he is probably from some kind of gang.. I think he is a fake and they gave him a background and forgot to cover thier tracks by giving him a birth certificate that matched the time when they pretend he was born…

  8. janet in va Says:

    Maybe it was wrong,, but in those days they never called black people african.

  9. alikat Says:

    Janet, he’s not a black person and he’s not by the people, of the people and for the people or if he is they’re not Americans.

    If class could be bought he’d have it and we’d have paid for it, her too 🙂

  10. janet in va Says:

    HE IS AN ARAB…no one will ever convience me otherwise… I even told my boss that Arab was not going to force me to quit smoking.. he grinned and said he wasn’t but I repeated he is an arab..

  11. janet in va Says:

    Ali.. did you check out rapture ready today? that one about a monkey on my back was real good… It said that if you had something you were doing wrong that the devil would always be there using it for all he was worth to keep you from feeling secure… also read one that answered a question I have asked lots of people and they couldn’t answer it… love rapture ready.

  12. alikat Says:

    OMG Janet, monkey knuckles…LOL I like Rapture Ready too. We’ve got to look up and see the pretty stuff Janet, and I think you do.

  13. janet in va Says:

    I do Ali,, but I know I am not suppose to hate them so much… I try not to, but I can’t help it… but they are of the devil.

  14. janet in va Says:

    Did you get that one I sent of 101 propheticies… I clicked on some of them in yellow and it was interresting reading… also read some of the blogs on the one where the Arabs were digging up the dome to get rid of Israel geoligy… A lot of them knew that Jesus was going to get them… and make them pay for messing with his property..

  15. janet in va Says:

    Oh Ali.. that was 101 facts in the bible that the world took years and years to discover.

  16. janet in va Says:

    Guess i had better get to bed. I have a feeling you are just staying to keep me company anyway.. ha ha.. oh and on that 101 facts.. they say that we are made up with the same thing that dirt is made of…

  17. janet in va Says:

    Have a blessed night.. got to get ready for bed… but tomorrow night I can stay up late.. and sleep all day if I want to.. ha ha.

  18. alikat Says:

    Nite Janet, I’ve been watching the tea party.

  19. Ross Says:

    I thought your Idea of listing everything that has happened since Jan 09 was a good idea.. but then I realized that I dont have the time to do it.. I think it would take weeks to find and list it all.
    I think its a big list..
    I would be nice to be able to say x number of things of this type have happened etc..

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