Roadside Park..

Slowdown and smell the flowers.


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  1. janet in va Says:

    I was reading back.. We are all fine Ali.. my daughter got back from AZ safely… will be going to Nashville TN in a few weeks.. she hates to leave her husband and baby boy… but she has to

  2. janet in va Says:

    They have been married for 15 or 16 years and are still happy and in love…. he will write some letters telling her how much he missed her.. it is so sweet..and my grandson really misses her.. she is teaching him the right way… I told her to ground it into him.. so no one can brainwash him into their ways..

  3. Ross Says:

    Thats great Janet..

  4. janet in va Says:

    The best thing about it is that his family just loves her to death and we love him… most families always have one…. My daughter said they were weird… neither of the other family members cause any trouble for them..

  5. alikat Says:

    Janet I’m so glad to see you, I’ve missed you. I had to go give Sugar her snack! That kitten thinks she human!!!

  6. janet in va Says:

    I saw a pig on fox news, they had him ring a bell and tap on a little piano… Sometimes I wonder how smart they really are if someone could teach them… they learn better than humans… ha ha.. a long time ago there was a DETECTIVE STORY… with only monkeys as the cast… and I don’t think in those days they know all the technology they have not… those monkeys really moved their mouths.. and walked around as if they were acting..

  7. janet in va Says:

    Ali.. did you like MR ED? that was a beautiful horse…I liked to watch it just to see the horse…

  8. Ross Says:

    Lots of animals are real smart…

  9. Ross Says:

    I have to go eat dinner..

  10. janet in va Says:

    They still show some of those old ones.. like the 3 stoogies… I used to like them.. but now they seem stupid.. also Green Acres.. I thought Ava was so cute.. but now it is silly to me too.

  11. janet in va Says:

    I need to get ready for bed..Is Ali gone.. or is she coming back.. if so I will wait for her..for a little while.. have a blessed night Ross…

  12. Ross Says:

    She posts slow.. 8-10 minutes between posts.. Good Night Janet catch Ya later…
    Hope yer Hubby did something very nice for you Today… 🙂

  13. janet in va Says:

    Well have to get ready for bed.. have to work tomorrow.. have a blessed night… love ya…

  14. alikat Says:

    Ross I saw you talking trash about me 🙂 I’m housekeeper for critters!!!

    Janet I watched Secrateriat last night, awesome movie. Animals are so smart. Did you know that many vet schools and medical ones too taught that animals can’t feel pain!!! Dumb bass todds!

  15. Ross Says:

    😳 Alikat…

  16. Ross Says:

    Good night.


  17. Jo in Georgia Says:

    February 15, 2011

    Feds Hire Illegals to Build VA Hospital
    AP File
    A group of unemployed military veterans in Florida is outraged over reports that federal contractors hired illegal immigrants to build a new Veterans Administration hospital.

    I have not heard of this on t.v. yet, have you?

  18. Jo in Georgia Says:

    Good Morning!

  19. Ross Says:

    Hi Jo.. 🙂

  20. Ross Says:

    No I had’nt heard that yet…

  21. janet in va Says:

    HI anybody home…

  22. Ross Says:

    Nobody but us chickens… 🙂

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