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  1. Ross Says:

    Oh!! I have to try some of that.. put it on some ice cream..

  2. Just Sayn Says:

    I love to eat too bad I gain wt at the sight of food cuz I would eat all the time it I could. hahahaha

  3. Ross Says:

    Never heard of shoneys…

  4. Just Sayn Says:

    well I wasn’t thinking about putting it on icecream. hee hee

  5. Ross Says:

    I think i’m going to spend 6 months eating and 6 months dieting the rest of my life.. LOL!!!

  6. Ross Says:

    Yeah I know where you want it put… 🙂

  7. Just Sayn Says:

    LOL good philosophy

  8. Just Sayn Says:

    I’m a bad lil gurl

  9. Just Sayn Says:

    Ross I think Im going to bed. My back is hurting and I didnt sleep well at all last night,kinda tired. I’m glad we got to talk tonight. 🙂

  10. Ross Says:

    I figure it this way… diet from Jan to July.. then eat from July to Jan… that way you only miss Easter dinner.. 🙂

    BTW… the ladies here are going to suspect something… LOL!!!!

  11. Just Sayn Says:

    well you can delete the comments if ya want

  12. Ross Says:

    Yes you are!! 😀

    Ok.. good to talk to you too,, have a good sleep!!

  13. Just Sayn Says:

    you too

  14. Ross Says:

    I dont care if you dont….

  15. MaryRI Says:

    Saturday Morning:


    JUST: yes, I saw chocolate wine just the other day… are you doing?….It is blowing like heck outside and COLD…..I have to get out to the bank today before 1:00…..seeing they are closed on Monday….another screwed up holiday…..State is open…….FEDS closed…………having my car inspected on Monday….he only takes cash…..

    will check back later……….

  16. SCV Compatriot Says:


    Re: This “game” of reputation points is silly

    by jamie Today at 12:26 am
    Ross I like you,and have nothing against you,but stop your whining, you were doing the same on GW and you had most people mad at you there,so wake up and smell the Roses…I dont know what the rep,even means,and dont worry about it..

  17. MaryRI Says:

    anyone around?

  18. Ross Says:

    Its something that started on GW forum.. nothing I can do about it. To avoid being part of any problem on P&S.. I have deleted my member account there.

  19. MaryRI Says:

    whothe hell is SCV?

    and by the way hello.

  20. MaryRI Says:

    hate to ask this but what is “P & S”?…I have a few in mind…but won’t go there…….

  21. Ross Says:

    hate to ask this but what is “P & S”?…I have a few in mind…but won’t go there…….

    SCV is a blogger from GW and currently Politics and Stuff, a blog I joined a couple months ago.. started by Zcat…

  22. janet in va Says:

    Ok wake up and get to typing..

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