Sunday Drive

This really explains it all


337 Responses to “Sunday Drive”

  1. MaryRI Says:

    shutting down….have a great night everyone…………

  2. Ross Says:

    60 mph!!!

    Catch ya later Mary…

  3. janet in va Says:

    Hi anybody home?

  4. janet in va Says:

    Has anyone noticed that the BLUE states are the biggest majority of the states almost bankrupted.. or maybe they were.. I still think he didn’t fairly win Ohio. and maybe a lot more..

  5. janet in va Says:

    Well seems everyone has gone to do something else… Have a blessed night..I might check back later.. If not Have a blessed night.

  6. Ross Says:

    I am on Politics & Stuff chat room…

  7. Ross Says:

    I’ll check back later…

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