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  1. janet in va Says:

    Par,, do you ever watch the Golden Girls.. they are the funniest thing..

  2. Par72 Says:

    janet, cheers had the best actors and actresses. Coach, woody, cliff, carla, and I can’t think of my favorite cause there is so many good ones.

  3. janet in va Says:

    From the way they are talking we might need to stock up on food.. and anything else we like..

  4. Ross Says:

    LOL!!! Janet… 🙂 I get a channel called retro.. it has a lot of oldies on it,.
    Rockford files, Emergency, dragnet, Adam 12…. Night Rider, A team.. etc,, oh and Quincy…

  5. Ross Says:

    I spy, It takes a thief…. Wagon train…

  6. janet in va Says:

    How about the head shrinker and his silly wife..

  7. Par72 Says:

    I thought maybe that was the fuel that kept you cutting all that wood Ross.

    I like golden girls janet, I love the older lady. She’s a hoot. I think all of them are dead now except Betty White. Am I right.

  8. janet in va Says:

    We don’t have that but we have one with Gunsmoke on it.. also Daniel Boone and Rifleman… I don’t watch it too often..

  9. Ross Says:

    I think they are still all alive.. except maybe the oldest one..

  10. Par72 Says:

    Mash, and hogan’s hero’s. Frank Burns, and Shultz. Ha!

  11. Ross Says:

    Firewood expeditions used to be a half case job… but I cant do that anymore.. lost my taste for it.. often I cant even finish one beer…

  12. janet in va Says:

    Yes Par..Betty is the only one.. Granny was the youngest one of them all and she died first…Betty is on a lot of shows.. she was on a soap I watch… She was a beautiful lady.. the one I love best was when they were in a dancing contest and they pretended she did carwheels all around the dance floor.. I knew it was a younger person doing it.. but it was so funny.

  13. Ross Says:

    Oh I didnt know that Janet….

  14. Ross Says:

    We get Maude.. she plays on that right?

  15. Par72 Says:

    Remember Betty on Mary Tyler Moore? I couldn’t stand the part she played.

  16. Ross Says:

    I gotta get off here. good talking to ya all…. Hope to catch ya at least on Friday…

  17. janet in va Says:

    how about Archie Bunker.. REd Fox and Jeffersons… I loved Red Fox.. he was so crazy.. and I can’t think of the one that had weezy on it with that skinny little guy.. I liked them too/.

  18. Ross Says:

    I never cared for Mary T Moore’s later Shows… I really didnt like the News Station one…

  19. Par72 Says:

    The dance contest was funny.

    Well Ross, maybe some of the brew you have is worth some money.

  20. janet in va Says:

    Yes Par I remember that one too… Have a blessed night Ross.. talk to you later…

  21. Ross Says:

    Naw Par.. its all just common stuff.. OK Bye !!!!

    Have a great night Janet, Par…

  22. janet in va Says:

    Rue on the Golden Girls was great at her part… I loved the way she acted.. and Granny always had something to say…

  23. Par72 Says:

    I saw Sanford and son the other day and Fred’s tv quit. Lamont said no more used ones. We will put 50$ down on a new one and make payments.
    While lamont was working fred bought a used one from a guy on the street in a van for 50$. Lamont tried to tell him it was hot. Fred invited Grady over to watch the fights and to finish a long story, Grady’s tv had been stolen the week before and now Fred had bought it. That ended in a screaming match.

  24. janet in va Says:

    I never watched the Golden Girls when they new… I saw all the reruns.. I wish they would have the Golden Palace reruns.. I never saw but about 2 or 3 of those…

  25. Par72 Says:

    See ya later Ross. Janet, It’s time for American Idol. It’s been fun talking to yall. See ya later.

  26. janet in va Says:

    Well guess I HAVE to do some work then.. since everyone is gone.. Maybe I will see someone on tomorrow… have a blessed night..Love ya all..

  27. janet in va Says:

    Ok is everyone asleep.. I know it isn’t the right day.. but someone must be checking in every now and then

  28. Ross Says:

    I’m checking in now.. You are off work today aren’t you Janet ?

  29. just sayn Says:

    Hey yall. Sorry I haven’t been on but as usual numerous ordeal. We are leaving on our flight to Orlando early in the morning. I’m not taking laptop but maybe I can check in on my Droid. Keep your fingers crossed Britts team wins.:) miss yall

  30. just sayn Says:

    Oh and brittani got her acceptance letter from mtsu (middle tn. State univ) my baby is going to be moving to murfreesboro this fall. 😦

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