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18 Responses to “New blog”

  1. Ross Says:

    Hi everyone..
    I have started a new site at

    I hope you will consider joining. It is private and can only be viewed by Members.
    Registration is easy and fast, you can register and activate your membership and be posting on the blog in minutes. You will need to use a valid email to activate your membership.
    You can edit your profile and upload an avatar.
    It has a fast real time chat room, an open topic forum and limited topic forum at this time.
    Members can start new topics.

    You can also invite others to join also.

    xtrawire will still be available as a “message board” and will have a link to the new blog.
    I hope to see you all there!!!

  2. Friend Says:

    Ross, good luck with the blog…hope to see our friends here

  3. Ross Says:

    Thanks friend!!

  4. janet in va Says:

    I’ll be on the new one later.. but mcafee stated that my computer was at risk.. I have to get it straight before I do anything that a hacker might be able to get into…

  5. Ross Says:

    Ok Janet..

  6. De/Shopaholic/AZ Says:


  7. Ross Says:

    Ok De!! 🙂

  8. SCV Compatriot Says:

    I will sign up for this blog site; although, I do not do a lot of blogging.

  9. Ross Says:

    Thats fine SCV, 🙂
    We mostly chat about life… what we are up to.. 🙂 So its not really blogging…
    I hope you join us to chat once in a while at least..

  10. MaryRI Says:

    o k………….don’t know how I got here.

  11. Ross Says:

    I am keeping this open indefinitely as a message board.. and back up chat/blog..
    I’ll check it daily for comments etc.

    I see you made it to Cyber Friends,.. Just have to catch someone on that chat boc at the top of the main page.. or wander about and read or post comments in there anywhere… I’ll read them.. 🙂

    BTW.. I Started a States Forum.. Your State is listed.. you can post a topic about anything going on in your State there .. or on the open topic.. etc..

    See ya soon..

  12. MaryRI Says:

    morning on here also…..State blog……good move…..have to check out in a bit.

  13. MaryRI Says:

    need a few instructions on how to post on “the States”…….

  14. Ross Says:

    Create a topic Mary.. just click on the New topic link in the States Forum..
    The upper small box is for the title and the big area below is for your post.
    It will create a topic/thread that comments can be posted to.

  15. p42 Says:

    whoops, was going to join a Wednesday evening chat but guess not. surprise, surprise!! 🙂

  16. MaryRI Says:

    p42:…………..go here……..…………….Ross. changed the site………but we are still all on + new ones…………..go up to the top of this page…..Ross explains…….hope to see you there soon………also, people go on all times of the day……..and are still there Monday, Wednesday and Friday………..MaryRI

  17. p42 Says:

    Thanks Mary, think I will wait till I get home now before joining a new site. I am where wifi is the slowest of slow and have just about given up computer time altogether because of it. I am way slower than dial up even. For some reason later in the day or early evening my signal is a bit stronger but still anxious to get home to my hi speed. Tell everyone I send a hello

  18. p42 Says:

    p42 was here!!

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